Leung Lab

Research interests:

  • Biological invasions, ecology of diseases, anthropogenic stressors.
  • Addressing environmental issues through the synthesis of models (mathematical, computational, and statistical) with empirical data (literature, field or lab studies).
  • Creating models for ecological forecasting, given uncertainty and sparse data. Developing decision theory, using risk analysis.
  • Useful software

  • Winscp - For accessing server files remotely (See Instructions page for help): Winscp
  • SyncBack - Backup software: SyncBack_Setup.exe
  • Server

  • This site is currently running on a Dell Poweredge 2900 (View Full Specs)
  • Hardware
  • 2 Quad Core Xeon E5345, with 1333MHz FSB
  • 8GB 667MHz DDR2
  • 6x250GB SATA HDD in RAID-5 (1.2TB) + 1x160GB SATA for scratch and OS
  • OS
  • History:

  • Mar-12-2007 - Initial setup of site.
  • Oct-22-2007 - Several more instructions up.
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